2024年香港 US Food and Beverage Showcase(2024-4-17)

This is the first time as well as the milestone for wyoming products from the BigLost, Pine Ridge, Eterna Fresh, and New West Knife Works to displayed in US Food and Beverage Showcase held by US Department of Agriculture in Hong Kong. 
Huge appreciated to US Consul General Gregory May and Jennifer Clever, the Director of ATO in Hong Kong as well as her team Crystal Tang  and Amy Leung. Without their supports, this opportunity would not happened at all. 
We also invited Mr. Peter Chan, the importer of the Big Lost Distilling to join the Event and to facilitate the sales and promote the product positioning. 

這是第一次也是美國懷俄明州的產品在香港上市的里程碑,透過香港領事館農業組的幫忙,我們參加了 US Food and Beverage Showcase,而且梅領事也特別來嚐嚐我們的產品,這次真的很感謝他們的協助。
另外我們也邀請了Big Lost酒莊的香港進口商陳先生,參加這次活動,一方面協助他銷售,另一方面也讓他了解我們的定位。

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